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New Dimension of Travel Business in Bangladesh- Case study on Fly Far Ladies

Published on Apr 30, 2020

Once upon a time Traveling was a hobby for people.  Now people make this hobby into a profession. Although the concept of travelling business is not a new thing. It's one of the businesses where you don't require a prior investment. Many entrepreneurs come up with different travel business ideas. The last few years there are many mobile applications, web applications, travel blogs, Vlogs and so on entering into the market and becoming a large company.
In South Asian countries travelling business is growing because of many reasons. Technological advancement and social media influence are one of them. Last five years social media has given the shape of travel business in a new Dimension. Many startups are coming forward to fulfill a human’s desire for traveling. People's consumption patterns are changing because of social and behavioral changes.  Nowadays people have more budget for travelling than before. Social media is a big platform for travel business. Many Facebook groups are created along with thousands of members and going for random travelling. Most recently traveling groups have significant changes in group pattern in south Asian countries like Bangladesh. In Bangladesh women are becoming more empowered. Their freedom of decision making is increasing and it’s seen everywhere from their career decision to spending their leisure time.   
Fly Far Ladies is such a specialized startup of Bangladesh founded by Nusrat Zahan Opi, 2018 with a vision of providing travel opportunities for women. They want to provide the best experience of travelling new places of home and abroad along with all travel processing, good quality of accommodation, guide and other entertainment facilities. Within the last two and a half years they organized 33 inbound tours and 8 outbound tours like Bhutan, Nepal, China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt, Indonesia etc. They have a large customer group on social media. The founder of Fly Far Ladies is a very energetic and unstoppable woman. Within a short period of time she runs her business very successfully. 
Some success factors that Opi said in an interview is that, Understanding the clients' needs is very important in the travel business. Maintaining customer compliance and continuous communication are her key success factors. Connecting with her new and previous customers  online is the very important strategy for success. 24/7 customer service is very important because her customer niche is women. And the security issues arise mostly with this niche. Because of male dominating society, Bangladeshi women are not free to move everywhere yet. Moreover the attitude towards women’s freedom is not fully in favor of women. So in her tour the male family member of her client asks out about every detail of the tour. Most of them are very worried until the tour ends. 
She also said that customer retention is very important. According to her statement in her every tour 30% joined from previous customers. 50 % are new customers and 20% are relatives of previous customers. In the last two years she served more than seven hundred clients. Her vision is making all women enable to see the world by travelling and giving the best experience of travelling. 
Fly Far Ladies continuously introducing new offers and packages. They have strong marketing tactics and bring innovation in marketing strategy. They introduce using credit cards and EMI basis payments for the tour so that no one can’t miss any of the travel opportunities because of not having enough cash at hand. 
Globalization is shaping the business pattern and consumer demands. New products and services are replacing and changing social norms and trends. New markets are facing a continual formation and reformation. It will never stop because globalization is a contentious process. Business organizations need to cope up with globalization to become a sustainable one. 
  • What are the major risks of women eccentric travel business in Bangladesh?
  • How can culture be a success factor of travel business?
  • Critically analyze the success of women empowerment in Bangladesh by analyzing gender-bias travel business?
Tanjila Islam 
Strategic & International Management 
University of Dhaka   
1. Nusrat Jahan Opi, 22 April 2020, An interview with FlyFarLadies,

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